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Questions about sealant products?

Our R F Sealant – Matt finish is perfect to seal natural products. As natural stone is very susceptible to soak in all liquids we recommend for the maintenance of the stone that it is sealed.

Our sealant is resin based therefore it lasts the lifetime of the stone unlike many water based products. If you do not want to change the appearance of the stone then we advise you use a water based product that may need applying every few years. This is because a water based products leaves a coat on the stone rather than penetrating it.

Solvent based sealers like our R F Sealant penetrates the stone by up to 10mm which causes the sealant to soak into the stone rather than leaving a coat that sits on top of the stone. Our sealant is also a colour enhancer that enhances the colour of each stone individually.

In my opinion it improves the majority of stones bringing out the characteristics however it also spoils some products. This however is down to personal opinion.

I know a point that worry’s many people especially the elderly is the point of the stone becoming increasingly slippy when a sealant is applied, especially the gloss sealant on exterior products. As the sealant penetrates the stone this isn’t a problem and should not change the surface of the stone regarding the stone becoming slippy. There are some types of natural stone that are different for example Travertine. As water sits on the top of this stone this may be slippy in a bathroom as all tiles would be when wet rather than if the sealant was put on or not.

In conclusion the sealant is required for the maintenance of the Natural Stone you buy. Whether you go for a resin based sealant such as R F interior sealant or a water based sealant is down to opinion. As you already know the water based sealant doesn’t change the appearance of the stone however it needs to be applied every few years. The resin based sealant lasts the lifetime of the stone however it is a colour enhancer which enhances the colours within the stone.

If you would like any more details on the sealant or have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact one of our team.

How to apply R F Tiles Colour Enhancer Sealant

This sealant requires two coats. You first apply coat number one with a paint brush excessively over the stone. Within 10-15 minutes you then polish off the excess sealant with a dry cloth. As you do this you rub the sealant into the stone. Then leave between 1-3 hours drying time before you apply the second coat. Please do not leave longer than 3 hours. You then repeat the process for the second coat. Please ensure there is ventilation when doing this as there will be an odour for several days.

If you would like to see what the sealant would like on the particular interior product then if you wet the product this is what it will look like with the sealant applied.

Tudor Marble - Sealant applied to the bottom half of the tile

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