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A “Personal” Guide to Residential Floor and Wall Tiles

A dream house?

Uber cool furniture?

Floors and walls?

If this is what your current situation is, then you are NOT alone!

Buying your own house is everybody’s dream come true. But what makes a house a home are its interiors which you have carefully and lovingly selected. But personalizing your interiors isn’t an easy task especially when it comes to floor and wall.

Finding the right tiles for your flooring and walls can be meticulous. Tile showrooms are overwhelming as almost all of them just display tiles of every type, colour, size, and style known to humanity, leaving you (and all of us!) into an immediate decision paralysis, totally exhausted and confused. While “more options = better personalized decision” is the business motto in tile industry, we happily agree to disagree. For us, the selection process should be rational and sensible which should leave you rejoiced and your home personalized.

That is why we have got you a simple yet informative guide on the key benefits you should look for while selecting floor and wall tiles for your home:

1. Durability

Look for tiles that won’t leave you “floorless” just after an year. Limestone tiles are the perfect candidate for flooring as they retain their structure for a long time. Because of their hardness, they do not wear easily and as they are relatively soft to the touch, they are more comfortable to roam upon! Even porcelain flooring can last forever due to their hard, dense, and solid foundation.

2. Cost Effectiveness

If you are looking for a timeless beauty at your feet and around your doors without an outrageous price tag, then tiles are the best option to go for. Flooring and wall tiles such as marble tiles have a richness to them that elevates your interiors without making a dent on your riches. Another great option is slate flooring, which when compared to other flooring option is much easier on pockets and comes with pocket full of benefits.

3. Beauty

Natural stone tiles have an everlasting appeal to them. Limestone tiles are the perfect choice to give your home a personalized earthy and warm feel. No matter what the style or color scheme you have chosen for your home, limestone’s versatility and earthy characteristics will virtually go with any color scheme or furnishing theme. Plus, its long lasting nature and richness also adds to its beauty which in turns make your home look timelessly elegant.

4. Maintenance

Look for the tiles that are easy to maintain and hygienic. While marble tiles requires high maintenance at the beginning, they become maintainable in no time thanks to their sturdiness and durability.  Another perfect option is limestone tiles which are resistant to mold and bacteria. Plus they don’t get dirty easily and usually requires minimal sweeping and occasional mopping only.

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