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My View On Natural Stone

Natural stone is undeniably stunning. With a range of colours, textures and variation within each tile, Natural Stone is certainly unique.  There are many forms of Natural stone to suit all needs. The assumption is Marble is a very classy product with an elegant finish that reflects wealth. This assumption is due to the monetary value of the stone and not necessarily the look. Crème Marfil is an exception to this rule that you will see in a later blog. This stone is flawlessly beautiful and is the true meaning of elegance.

Limestone is perfect for purpose. With a vast range of different Limestone’s to choose from there is always a Limestone that is exactly what you are looking for. Whether is be a classic cream or a rustic appearance that meets your desire, Limestone is guaranteed to offer a suitable range. Travertine is another form of limestone making the limestone range forever expandable.

Another form of Natural Stone is Slate, which is a timeless classic.  This beautiful product is the result of tremendous pressure on composed clay and volcanic ash. Slate is ideal for those who tend to have an active family so to speak. It is perfect for those areas where a high volume of traffic is expected whether it be for a commercial or residential purpose. After all the creation of this stone was made under pressure that not even a million people would seek to cause.

In one of my later blogs I will be discussing the pros and cons of Natural Stone Vs. man-made products such as Porcelain, which is very hard wearing and unexpectedly low maintenance item. There are many factors that are considered along with the maintenance of each product type.

A question for yourselves however is what is your taste? Once this is worked out everything else will fall into place. Our Natural Stone ranges and Man-made products such as Porcelain are sure to cater to your own personal taste. I personally think the beauty of Natural Stone is exquisite and endearing and when you learn to appreciate the beauty of the product, many doors shall open to you starting with the design of your own home and also appreciating the beauty of other designs surrounding you.


Written by Amy Andrews 08/06/2015

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