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Marble Tiles

Marble tiles represent elegance, style and good taste. They are associated with wealth and evoke images of marble floors in decadent ballrooms brimming with the social elite. However, this is a luxury that is no longer the preserve of the rich and famous. Marble tiles are now highly affordable yet do not compromise in quality. What are the origins of marble and why does this flooring choice stand the test of time?

How marble is made
Marble is a metamorphic rock which is formed over millions of years. It is found in the oldest layer of the Earth’s crust. It is common to find marble amongst other metamorphic rocks such as gneiss and mica schist. Marble typically comes from dolomite or limestone and its key components are calcite, argonite and dolomite crystals. Marble occurs when limestone is subjected to a great and sustained amount of pressure. This can happen when limestone is trapped under a rock or condensed by the force of the ocean. Marble is predominantly white, but can be found in other colours too. Marble is rare due to the extraordinary amount of time taken for it to form. This scarcity also results in marble being expensive and therefore a sign of wealth and decadence.

Origins of marble
The popularity of marble can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman empires, thousands of years before. It is still possible to visit preserved monuments where marble is found. The Taj Mahal in India is created completely of marble. Marble was typically used to create statues or to provide flooring.

Thin marble sheets have also been used on the walls of churches and palaces to cover brick work and give a more noble appeal. However sometimes this expensive stone was substituted for plaster fresco, which was painted to look like marble. This ensured a decadent appearance without the expense but also unfortunately lacking durability.

In ancient Greek and Rome times people largely used white marble to create statues. There was also a trend for using coloured marble to produce intricate floor patterns. Different colours of marble were found in various parts of the Roman Empire. Therefore people could tell the origin of the marble just by looking at it, for example, purple marble came from Egypt. The use of coloured marble was an indication of the power of Rome because it demonstrated that the senate could obtain stone from many exotic and distant places that were under Rome’s rule.

Marble is still used today but is much more obtainable with a lower price tag. However, this does not deter from marble’s long association with luxury and good taste.

Modern marble
Today’s use of marble is predominantly in the creation of floor tiles which are a popular addition to many homes. There are many types of marble and the Roman Empire shares its love with modern society for intricate marble of varying colours.

Falkland Marble tiles are mainly grey with a intricate web of veins that run through them. They are mottled in appearance with varying light and dark shades on each tile. The look of Falkland Marble is highly organic and appeals to people because it evokes a sense of nature and the great outdoors. This tile can be found in a diverse range of settings, from farmhouses to contemporary apartments.

The Falkland Marble tile contrasts greatly with Crema Marfil tiles which have a neutral shade and subtle and uniform veins. Crema Marfil tiles are the perfect option for people that want a more classic appearance which will suit any colour combination or furniture choice.

Marble tiles can be used creatively: making the most out of their unique patterns. Angelica Marble tiles are beige and cream with interesting veins running through them. The combination of colours ensures that no two tiles are alike. When laid down, Angelica Marble tiles give the impression of patchwork and can be arranged to create different tonal depths in various parts of your room. Angelica Marble tiles provide a one-of-a-kind flooring solution that is completely individual, yet tasteful and attractive.

There are a massive array of marble tiles to choose from and something that would suit every home-owners’ taste. It is clear that marble stands the test of time and our high-quality and durable floor tills are no different. Choose cost-effective marble floor tiles to bring a touch of elegance to your home.

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