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Interior Inspiration

Everyone is inspired by different things when it comes to interior design. You can draw inspiration from other homes, commercial buildings, magazines or even objects that spark an idea you want to play out. My inspiration comes from pictures, whether it be in magazines, on the internet or even browsing many home stores and interior design websites.

Personally I love the shabby chic look with a modern twist at the moment. I have a slight addition to items that are delicate and detailed and also objects that have wording on them. The wording could either be an inspiration quote which inspires people on a day by day basis or a heart-warming quote such as ‘ Home is Where The Heart Is’. When you give these items a neutral colour such as cream or beige you begin to build up a very modern collection of different items that mean something to you personally.

My taste like many others changes on a weekly basis however currently I favour a neutral looking room with light walls and flooring ( apart from carpets which always have to be a darker shade in my opinion). This provides a blank canvas for you to add your own personal touch through pictures, heart-warming objects and items that reflect your taste and character.

When it comes to flooring in a Kitchen or bathroom I always prefer a lighter flooring even if the surrounding walls are light. One of my personal favourites from my range is either the Crèma Marfil Marble or the Tudor Marble which both offer a light shade with a lot of veining producing character.

Another favourite object of mine are mirrors. They always offer light into the room and can often make a room look double the size if they are used properly. They create a feeling of spaciousness and give a room a clean crisp edge.

I shall upload pictures from the favourite items in my home in my next blog. In January I am taking on an exciting new project. I am going to write about how I’m going to transform an outdated property to one that is elegant and suited to my own personal taste ( of that month ).

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