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As with all of our products you are welcome to collect from our main office in Goole, East Yorkshire. Our full contact details are on our contact us page.

We shall load your product using a fork truck so please ensure that you come in a vehicle suitable for loading using a fork truck.

Please note it is your responsibility to know how much weight your vehicle can hold lawfully. We can give you details on the weights of our product to help you with calculating your weight. Please note that once these goods have been taken from our site and inspected on collection, transport is at your own risk. If you could tell us on receipt of order if a collection is required then we can ensure the product is ready for you to collect on our usual timescale.


Our Nationwide delivery is fast and reliable. We aim to deliver all orders within 48 hours from receipt of order, with an exception of our Porcelain. Most of our Italian Porcelain is placed on a bespoke order that takes around 2 weeks to arrive with us in our yard. We will then send this out on our 48 hour service. General deliveries are delivered between 9.00am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Bank holidays are an exception to this rule.

If you need any more information on this then please contact our head office and we can give you any information that you require.

We also offer a next day delivery service if required. If this is required then please contact one of our team and place your order over the phone. This way we can process your order with a special request ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with your product and delivery. If a specific AM or PM delivery is required then this requires an additional one off charge that can be confirmed on the receipt of your order.

We deliver nationwide, all deliveries are charged per pallet which is based on both the size and the weight of your order. If you spend over £300 excluding VAT then you receive free delivery nationwide!

Unfortunately this does not include particular postcodes in Scotland or the centre of London.  These are detailed below are subject to a one off surcharge of £90.00.

G83* E12* W1F* W8* G13* G44* G68* N1* PA* TW* N14*
G84* E13* W1G* W9* G14* G45* G69* N1C* NW* UB* N15*
G90* E14* W1H* W10* G15* G46* G70* N1P* SW* WD* N16*
E1* E15* W1J* W11* G20* G51* G71* N2* SE* AB* N17*
E1W* E16* W1K* W12* G21* G52* G72* N3* EC* ML* N18*
E2* E17* W1S* W13* G22* G53* G73* N4* WC* DD* N19*
E3* E18* W1T* W14* G23* G58* G74* N5* BR* DG* N20*
E4* E20* W1U* G1* G31* G60* G75* N6* CR* HS* N21*
E5* E77* W1W* G2* G32* G61* G76* KW* DA* N7* N22*
E6* KY* W2* G3* G33* G62* G77* KA* EN* N8* N81*
E7* ZE* W3* G4* G34* G63* G78* FK* HA* N9*  E
E8* W1A* W4* G5* G40* G64* G79* TD* IG* N10*  
E9* W1B* W5* G9* G41* G65* G81* IV* KT* N11*  
E10* W1C* W6* G11* G42* G66* G82* EH* RM* N12*  
E11* W1D* W7* G12* G43* G67* E98* PH* SM* N13*  


Due to the product been a heavy duty product, it is generally delivered in a wooden crate or pallet. These deliveries are generally made on a large lorry with a pallet truck or demountable Moffatt so if there is restricted access to your delivery address then it’s your responsibility to let us know when placing the order to ensure that we can deliver it in the most efficient and safe way as possible. The delivery will be made and placed at the driver’s discretion. This is to ensure a safe delivery. This may be kerbside or on your drive dependent on the safety of the product. If you require the product to be driven onto your drive, you may need to sign a disclaimer.
Please ensure that someone is there to except the delivery. This ensures that the goods are delivered safely. As the driver cannot handle these goods, if someone isn’t there to take the delivery then please let us know beforehand so we can arrange the delivery for an alternate day.

Please ensure you check the product on receipt of delivery for any broke tiles, incorrect quantities or any other discrepancies. Please let us know within 24 hours on receipt of delivery when the product is still packed and also has not been laid.

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