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Interior Inspiration – Home from Home

I met a lovely couple last year that were taking on a large family project. They were renovating a run down barn into a beautiful home for their family. I loved their ideas and the decisions they made throughout! All of the Natural stone and Porcelain tiles were provided by RF Tiles and the end result is nothing short of stunning!! Below I have written about the products used and commented on the interior chosen as it complements the products used perfectly!

An AGA is a perfect way to keep your home warm and homely.  An AGA cooker keeps a low intensity heat via its cast iron components. This is a continuous burning source, ideal for cooking and heating your home, making each kitchen welcoming and cosy.

The antique glass behind the AGA oven offers a stunning addition to the feature in the kitchen. It offers a traditional yet modern twist on the surrounding interior.

The various shades of blue and stone colours running throughout this kitchen is tied into the theme, from the seating that surrounds the island, the larder and also various cabinets. This theme even continues into the downstairs bathroom where there is panelling on the wall that reflects the exact colour of the kitchens colour schemes.

RF Tiles Moov Beige Italian porcelain flooring was used in the downstairs bathroom in a 600 x 300 tile format that were laid horizontally across the width of the floor. This created the illusion that the room is wider than it actually is. I assume this was as the bathroom is larger due to its length.

RF Note Ivory Wood Effect Porcelain planks were used in the bathrooms throughout the house on the floor. The ivory colour tied in beautifully with the Moov Ivory tiles. They were similar in colour however due to the varied texture, worked really well in complementing each other.






The lighting that has been chosen is simple yet effective. Heavy lighting is not needed due to the large windows that span across the entire right hand side of the room. This creates a lot of natural light sources into the entire room.

The product used across the kitchen and hallway floors is our RF Chester Limestone in a 600 x 900 size tile. As the floor space is large equating to around 140sqm, a larger tile size was chosen to minimise the joints and give more of a large format appearance. This product looks absolutely stunning and it ties in the with the interiors chosen perfectly. Our Chester Limestone is Ivory in colour with small grey veins throughout.


We decided to go for the RF Note Brown Porcelain Planks 200 x 1200.  This colour was decided due to the upper beams that run throughout the house. This colour works perfectly and ties the interior design in from wall to floor. As this is in the games room and also the living room, Porcelain is ideal as if anything is split, this can be wiped straight up without any damage to the tile.

The only problem with the Porcelain Planks is that any Porcelain plank over 800mm can bow in the centre of the plank. This means that the planks are not completely straight which causes a problem when laying. Some tillers will choose to use a levelling system which is absolutely fantastic to ensure that the planks are completely level however these can be rather expensive..  The best approach is to build up the screed at the point in the plank that isn’t level, tillers often use their trowel to bend back the tile to make this flush when laying the product.  If you are considering using the Porcelain Planks in your own designs, please seek advise from your tile supplier or your tiller who will be laying the product.

This house was so lovely to work on, choosing with them the tiles for all the rooms in the house. When working on your own project and other projects, there are always so many different things to consider. If you are ever unsure on something then please always ask the experts. Many problems that people face is the suitability of different stones in different areas. An example of this is the tiles to choose for the bathroom. Porcelain is always a much more favourable product to be used in a bathroom due to it been man made. Porcelain will not absorb any liquid that is split on it which is essential in a bathroom area. Natural stone, if not sealed is an extremely porous product therefore can stain when any liquid is spilt on the surface. This is great knowledge  to have when not only choosing the colour but also the stone type.

A “Personal” Guide to Residential Floor and Wall Tiles

A dream house?

Uber cool furniture?

Floors and walls?

If this is what your current situation is, then you are NOT alone!

Buying your own house is everybody’s dream come true. But what makes a house a home are its interiors which you have carefully and lovingly selected. But personalizing your interiors isn’t an easy task especially when it comes to floor and wall.

Finding the right tiles for your flooring and walls can be meticulous. Tile showrooms are overwhelming as almost all of them just display tiles of every type, colour, size, and style known to humanity, leaving you (and all of us!) into an immediate decision paralysis, totally exhausted and confused. While “more options = better personalized decision” is the business motto in tile industry, we happily agree to disagree. For us, the selection process should be rational and sensible which should leave you rejoiced and your home personalized.

That is why we have got you a simple yet informative guide on the key benefits you should look for while selecting floor and wall tiles for your home:

1. Durability

Look for tiles that won’t leave you “floorless” just after an year. Limestone tiles are the perfect candidate for flooring as they retain their structure for a long time. Because of their hardness, they do not wear easily and as they are relatively soft to the touch, they are more comfortable to roam upon! Even porcelain flooring can last forever due to their hard, dense, and solid foundation.

2. Cost Effectiveness

If you are looking for a timeless beauty at your feet and around your doors without an outrageous price tag, then tiles are the best option to go for. Flooring and wall tiles such as marble tiles have a richness to them that elevates your interiors without making a dent on your riches. Another great option is slate flooring, which when compared to other flooring option is much easier on pockets and comes with pocket full of benefits.

3. Beauty

Natural stone tiles have an everlasting appeal to them. Limestone tiles are the perfect choice to give your home a personalized earthy and warm feel. No matter what the style or color scheme you have chosen for your home, limestone’s versatility and earthy characteristics will virtually go with any color scheme or furnishing theme. Plus, its long lasting nature and richness also adds to its beauty which in turns make your home look timelessly elegant.

4. Maintenance

Look for the tiles that are easy to maintain and hygienic. While marble tiles requires high maintenance at the beginning, they become maintainable in no time thanks to their sturdiness and durability.  Another perfect option is limestone tiles which are resistant to mold and bacteria. Plus they don’t get dirty easily and usually requires minimal sweeping and occasional mopping only.

How to take care of your Marble and Limestone tiles

We spend a lot of time and money on out tile choices, and we want them to last us a long time. Cleaning them can sometimes fall by the wayside and, often, we end up facing a build-up of grime and dirt. Limestone tile flooring in particular has a strong durability and, if properly cared for, will last a long time.

Windsor Limestone

In order to keep your floors properly cared for you’ll first have to make sure that there isn’t any damage to the floors. If there is, make sure to take care of that first before establishing a cleaning programme.

Cleaning your limestone and marble flooring might seem tedious at first however, once you get into a routine of cleaning it, it won’t feel so tough. The most important thing to remember is to clean up any drips or spills from any acidic products such as vinegar or juices. Limestone is also susceptible to water stains from puddles and mopping, so take care to clean those up as well. When it comes to which products to use make sure to use one that has a pH neutral solution. Also, never use a vinegar-based product on marble flooring, as this will destroy the finish. Once you have applied the cleaner, use a dry mop to mop up the excess and make sure there are no puddles.

If you encounter difficult stains then make sure to call an expert cleaner instead of attempting to clean it yourself. You might use the incorrect product on the stain, causing further damage to the tile. If the stain has been there a long time, it might be worth attempting to decipher what it could be and research the right cleaning product to fix it. You may even need to hire a specialised piece of cleaning equipment, so it’s important to research beforehand.

Once you have ascertained a cleaning schedule it is important to stick to it. By using a pH neutral cleaner, it will be easier to clean the tiles each time. Whenever you make up your solution, ensure that you have the correct dilution ratio so the product isn’t too strong.

When cleaning marble either vacuum up any loose dust, or wipe with a soft microfiber cloth. Make sure there are no sharp edges on the vacuum head. Using a microfiber mop can grab dirt as it is 99.9% antibacterial and achieves a much better result than a cleaner. You can spot clean marble with a pH neutral cleaner. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth to do this so you avoid scratching the marble. Do not leave it to dry naturally and wipe dry with a clean, dry mop or towel.

When cleaning marble kitchen countertops, be vigilant towards any spills, especially from alcohol or food. These can scratch the surface and leave marks. Always make sure to wipe clean any water than gets onto the surface with a dry tea towel or cloth. Always use a chopping board for preparing food, and make sure that no liquids or juices get onto the marble.

Important tips for limestone and marble maintenance:

  • Always clean up spills straight away
  • Keep mats or trivets on counters to put under hot dishes
  • Use coasters and mats so ceramics and crockery doesn’t scratch the surface
  • Keep bathroom products in trays to avoid spillage or drips
  • Mop marble flooring regularly
  • Use runners, mats and rugs inside and out to protect marble flooring
  • Make sure spills are cleaned up straight away
  • Don’t use bathroom cleaners or any that contain acid
  • Don’t use ammonia or general household cleaners or soft cleaners
  • Don’t use any scouring powders or anything that can be abrasive and can scratch the surface

Why Are Limestone & Marble Floor Tiles So Popular?

Floor tiles are a practical option for your home. They are attractive to look at and easy to keep clean. There are many tiles available and they all have their merits. Therefore it is often difficult to decide which floor tile is choose for your home. Limestone floor tiles and marble tiles really stand out for their many benefits, but why?

So why are limestone floor tiles and marble tiles so popular?

Limestone is a natural stone which is formed under the sea when layers of sedimentary rock are placed under extreme pressure resulting In its unique structure. Limestone’s composition ensures that it is highly durable and can withstand frequent and heavy use. Although it is able to endure intense pressure, limestone is a moderately soft stone which makes it more comfortable with which to both walk and stand, resulting in it being a popular option in comparison to other stone flooring.

Marble is metamorphic rock which is formed from limestone. Rocks that are buried deeply are subjected to intense pressure and tightly squeezed. This results in the rocks becoming heated. The minerals that the rocks contain chemically change and become metaphoric rocks. Marble is also highly durable and is an excellent choice for those who want a flooring option which will last.

Stone flooring such as limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are a wise investment because they retain their durability and last for decades. This is unlike carpet or lino which is easily tarnished. Heavy furniture will place dents in both carpet and lino. This means that furniture might have to be placed to strategically cover it once it has been moved. Limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are strong and will maintain a pristine appearance for years to come.

Limestone floor tiles are available to purchase in a variety of colours, shades and finishes which allow the owner to choose one that closely matches their interior choices. Limestone has a very warm and natural appearance which is very pleasing to look at. The subtle patterns and shades allow limestone tiles to be unobtrusive and fit in well with various colour schemes and patterns. In fact,the appearance of limestone is meant to improve as it ages, ensuring that the aesthetics of your flooring will only be enhanced further. Limestone floor tiles are also resistant to discolouration guaranteeing your continued peace of mind.

Marble tiles are also aesthetically pleasing with a range of colours and shades available. Marble is associated with luxury and can be seen in grand halls and decadent dining rooms in stately homes. Marble statues have survived for centuries which is testament to the durable nature of this stone. It can easily be scrubbed and polished so that it retains its appealing look. Marble tiles are sure to impress any guests that may visit. Although marble is associated with historic tastes, it is a popular choice in modern as well as traditional homes. This is because it is available in a range of contemporary shades that will fit in with modern interiors.

Both limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are very hygienic flooring solutions. This is because they are easy to maintain with a wipe-clean surface. This is unlike other flooring materials such as carpet and wood which can harbour dirt, grime and bacteria. Other flooring materials can also retain mites and allergens which exacerbate respiratory problems. Stone flooring can be effortlessly sanitised with minimal products and is resistant to mould and bacteria. Limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are the perfect choice for your home, particularly in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, where spillages are likely. These can be quickly moped up, causing no damage to the appearance or structural integrity of your stone floor.

Limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are an excellent option because their longevity means that they are cost-effective as a flooring solution. Carpets and lino can easily become damaged which results in the whole flooring needing to be replaced. However, limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are highly durable and are unlikely to tarnish or discolour. In the rare circumstance where you discover a cracked tile, this singular tile can be replaced without incurring a large expense by having to replace the whole floor.

Limestone floor tiles and marble tiles are a wise investment because of their attractive and neutral aesthetic which will suit current and future interior choices. They are also highly-durable and easy to maintain which is why they are so popular.

Crema Marfil Tiles

A tiled floor is the perfect choice for many homes because it is resistant and easy to maintain. When our customers are searching for an attractive option for their homes, they frequently choose Crema Marfil tiles. Is there a reason why this best selling product is so popular?

Crema Marfil tiles are a beautiful cream colour with cinnamon veins that trail through each surface. This visual combination is easy on the eye and therefore can lend itself to many settings. There is no common room choice for which Crema Marfil tiles are used. They are found in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and studies. Crema Marfil tiles can be chosen as the flooring for every room in the house. This is because of its neutral appearance which works well with other colours in each room. It can also be used for room features such as kitchen tiles or fireplace tiles because of its easy upkeep and unobtrusive look.

There are many Crema Marfil tiles on the market but just because they have the same name, does not mean the quality is consistently high. Make sure that your Crema Marfil tiles are first-class and have a higher grade classification. This is shown by the tiles possessing a pale background which is cleaner in appearance, consistent in colour, and with less veins. Lower grade Crema Marfil tiles are not uniform when laid. This can give the appearance of patchwork because each tile is a slightly different shade with a varying quantity of veins. Too many veins can be attributed to increased breakages when cutting or installing these tiles.

Crema Marfil tiles provide a peaceful and calming appearance to any room. The fresh tone of these tiles contribute to an environment which looks clean. The light shade of Crema Marfil tiles open up the space as opposed to darker tiles which can make a room appear smaller. The faint veins are not distracting or busy and therefore do not overshadow the whole vista.

Crema Marfil tiles are indicative of good taste. The subtle shade, minimal pattern and high quality of these tiles mean that they are associated with elegance and style. People buy understated Crema Marfil tiles, to recreate a classic marble appearance. However, the cinnamon veins also provide it with a fresh, contemporary twist. Crema Marfil tiles can compliment traditional dark wood furniture or can offset modern metallic furniture. There really are no boundaries when selecting Crema Marfil tiles, guaranteeing that you can choose to finish your room in any style.

Crema Martil tiles are hard-wearing due to their limestone composition. Crema Martil tiles comprise of hand-picked, high grade rock which is selected from quarries due to its superior qualities. The lack of veins ensure that the tiles will cope with the cutting and installation process. Once fitted, these tiles can endure regular and sustained use. They will not only withstand energetic, playful children or lively fitness routines, they will also hold heavy furniture with ease. Crema Martil tiles can easily be cleaned and polished to maintain a brand new appearance.

Crema Marfil tiles are fantastic value. They are made to last and their classic appearance will stand the test of time. You may eventually become tired of tiles with a more intricate design or brighter shade, however this is not possible with such a subtle look. People choose Crema Martil tiles because they are of supreme quality and are suitable for all stages of one’s life. Crema Martil tiles will appeal to a young couple as well as people much older. The durable and easy to clean surface is also appreciated in a busy family environment. If and when you decide to sell your house, you can be assured that these attractive, quality tiles can remain and will be complemented by potential home-buyers, whatever their style.

We do not expect Crema Marfil tiles to dwindle in popularity any time soon.

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles represent elegance, style and good taste. They are associated with wealth and evoke images of marble floors in decadent ballrooms brimming with the social elite. However, this is a luxury that is no longer the preserve of the rich and famous. Marble tiles are now highly affordable yet do not compromise in quality. What are the origins of marble and why does this flooring choice stand the test of time?

How marble is made
Marble is a metamorphic rock which is formed over millions of years. It is found in the oldest layer of the Earth’s crust. It is common to find marble amongst other metamorphic rocks such as gneiss and mica schist. Marble typically comes from dolomite or limestone and its key components are calcite, argonite and dolomite crystals. Marble occurs when limestone is subjected to a great and sustained amount of pressure. This can happen when limestone is trapped under a rock or condensed by the force of the ocean. Marble is predominantly white, but can be found in other colours too. Marble is rare due to the extraordinary amount of time taken for it to form. This scarcity also results in marble being expensive and therefore a sign of wealth and decadence.

Origins of marble
The popularity of marble can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman empires, thousands of years before. It is still possible to visit preserved monuments where marble is found. The Taj Mahal in India is created completely of marble. Marble was typically used to create statues or to provide flooring.

Thin marble sheets have also been used on the walls of churches and palaces to cover brick work and give a more noble appeal. However sometimes this expensive stone was substituted for plaster fresco, which was painted to look like marble. This ensured a decadent appearance without the expense but also unfortunately lacking durability.

In ancient Greek and Rome times people largely used white marble to create statues. There was also a trend for using coloured marble to produce intricate floor patterns. Different colours of marble were found in various parts of the Roman Empire. Therefore people could tell the origin of the marble just by looking at it, for example, purple marble came from Egypt. The use of coloured marble was an indication of the power of Rome because it demonstrated that the senate could obtain stone from many exotic and distant places that were under Rome’s rule.

Marble is still used today but is much more obtainable with a lower price tag. However, this does not deter from marble’s long association with luxury and good taste.

Modern marble
Today’s use of marble is predominantly in the creation of floor tiles which are a popular addition to many homes. There are many types of marble and the Roman Empire shares its love with modern society for intricate marble of varying colours.

Falkland Marble tiles are mainly grey with a intricate web of veins that run through them. They are mottled in appearance with varying light and dark shades on each tile. The look of Falkland Marble is highly organic and appeals to people because it evokes a sense of nature and the great outdoors. This tile can be found in a diverse range of settings, from farmhouses to contemporary apartments.

The Falkland Marble tile contrasts greatly with Crema Marfil tiles which have a neutral shade and subtle and uniform veins. Crema Marfil tiles are the perfect option for people that want a more classic appearance which will suit any colour combination or furniture choice.

Marble tiles can be used creatively: making the most out of their unique patterns. Angelica Marble tiles are beige and cream with interesting veins running through them. The combination of colours ensures that no two tiles are alike. When laid down, Angelica Marble tiles give the impression of patchwork and can be arranged to create different tonal depths in various parts of your room. Angelica Marble tiles provide a one-of-a-kind flooring solution that is completely individual, yet tasteful and attractive.

There are a massive array of marble tiles to choose from and something that would suit every home-owners’ taste. It is clear that marble stands the test of time and our high-quality and durable floor tills are no different. Choose cost-effective marble floor tiles to bring a touch of elegance to your home.

Testimonial 1

With the Chelsea Limestone tiles that RF supplied. They are excellent quality and look fantastic. The team were so helpful throughout, providing us with a number of samples of stone at different budgets and they arranged everything for us, including sourcing a tiler to fit the floor. Great products and great service, we would highly recommend.