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Interior Inspiration – Home from Home

I met a lovely couple last year that were taking on a large family project. They were renovating a run down barn into a beautiful home for their family. I loved their ideas and the decisions they made throughout! All of the Natural stone and Porcelain tiles were provided by RF Tiles and the end result is nothing short of stunning!! Below I have written about the products used and commented on the interior chosen as it complements the products used perfectly!

An AGA is a perfect way to keep your home warm and homely.  An AGA cooker keeps a low intensity heat via its cast iron components. This is a continuous burning source, ideal for cooking and heating your home, making each kitchen welcoming and cosy.

The antique glass behind the AGA oven offers a stunning addition to the feature in the kitchen. It offers a traditional yet modern twist on the surrounding interior.

The various shades of blue and stone colours running throughout this kitchen is tied into the theme, from the seating that surrounds the island, the larder and also various cabinets. This theme even continues into the downstairs bathroom where there is panelling on the wall that reflects the exact colour of the kitchens colour schemes.

RF Tiles Moov Beige Italian porcelain flooring was used in the downstairs bathroom in a 600 x 300 tile format that were laid horizontally across the width of the floor. This created the illusion that the room is wider than it actually is. I assume this was as the bathroom is larger due to its length.

RF Note Ivory Wood Effect Porcelain planks were used in the bathrooms throughout the house on the floor. The ivory colour tied in beautifully with the Moov Ivory tiles. They were similar in colour however due to the varied texture, worked really well in complementing each other.






The lighting that has been chosen is simple yet effective. Heavy lighting is not needed due to the large windows that span across the entire right hand side of the room. This creates a lot of natural light sources into the entire room.

The product used across the kitchen and hallway floors is our RF Chester Limestone in a 600 x 900 size tile. As the floor space is large equating to around 140sqm, a larger tile size was chosen to minimise the joints and give more of a large format appearance. This product looks absolutely stunning and it ties in the with the interiors chosen perfectly. Our Chester Limestone is Ivory in colour with small grey veins throughout.


We decided to go for the RF Note Brown Porcelain Planks 200 x 1200.  This colour was decided due to the upper beams that run throughout the house. This colour works perfectly and ties the interior design in from wall to floor. As this is in the games room and also the living room, Porcelain is ideal as if anything is split, this can be wiped straight up without any damage to the tile.

The only problem with the Porcelain Planks is that any Porcelain plank over 800mm can bow in the centre of the plank. This means that the planks are not completely straight which causes a problem when laying. Some tillers will choose to use a levelling system which is absolutely fantastic to ensure that the planks are completely level however these can be rather expensive..  The best approach is to build up the screed at the point in the plank that isn’t level, tillers often use their trowel to bend back the tile to make this flush when laying the product.  If you are considering using the Porcelain Planks in your own designs, please seek advise from your tile supplier or your tiller who will be laying the product.

This house was so lovely to work on, choosing with them the tiles for all the rooms in the house. When working on your own project and other projects, there are always so many different things to consider. If you are ever unsure on something then please always ask the experts. Many problems that people face is the suitability of different stones in different areas. An example of this is the tiles to choose for the bathroom. Porcelain is always a much more favourable product to be used in a bathroom due to it been man made. Porcelain will not absorb any liquid that is split on it which is essential in a bathroom area. Natural stone, if not sealed is an extremely porous product therefore can stain when any liquid is spilt on the surface. This is great knowledge  to have when not only choosing the colour but also the stone type.

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